Remote touch collaboration with Canvus

Whether you're using it with the new Decca 55" antimicrobial video wall or connecting standard touch screen devices, the Canvus Connect software allows remote teams to collaborate with touch-interaction. Bring your remote teams together on a shared multimedia canvas offering all users pixel-perfect touch interaction without the latency of video conferencing.


  • Remote-touch collaboration with standard touch video walls, laptops, or tablets

  • Instantly open new websites or media files on the network with a touch

  • Interact with live software applications on remote computers via  RDP


Use case: Remote-touch design review with external clients

Use case: Remote-touch collaboration with external partners  

Use case: Remote-touch internal project management

Bring together in-person and remote users with one dual-functioning solution 

Canvus Connect enables hands-on interaction for in-person and remote users simultaneously with one integrated technology. In a hybrid environment, one user can present from a video wall and people in the room can maintain social distance while interacting with the canvas from their seat, while others interact from across the building or from home. 

Discover how organizations are leveraging Canvus Connect in our blog and contact our experts to discuss how a hybrid solution can help you navigate the gradual transition back to in-person interaction. 

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